I was interviewed on the phone twice and things seemed to be progressing rather well. I was asked to come into the offices in Diamond Bar for a panel interview.

I was greeted by the the recruiter and taken into the conference room. It was again going, to me, rather well. The Sales Director was late and he entered about half ways through the interview.

He began grilling me on where I saw my self. I shared it and that's when he decided to belittle me.

He questioned my passion, my desire and experiences. In his broken English he decided at that point I was not getting the position, not verbally but in his line of questioning. I imagine he enjoys putting candidates in a position of panic. I have never in over 21 years of sales experienced a more unprofessional person in a directors position.

Apparently he does this with every candidate and I imagine enjoys it.

Must make up for his miserable personal life. I caught myself looking at the door as an escape. Never had I had I had this feeling or experience. It did impact me but in a negative way.

I felt sorry for those he is over, what he'll they must go through. I got through it knowing I wasn getting this. I asked myself if I really wanted this? No, no way.

Pleased they sent me a "Don't Repky" email stating they selected another candidate.

Those considering a career here, join the military. Better treatment and benefits.

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